Childhood Cancer and the Media

I consider myself a reasonable person. If I am given an explanation for something, I might not like it but.. if it makes sense I can understand it. For example, childhood cancer is considered rare. That may be according to “numbers”, but tell that to a parent whose child has cancer or visit Children’s Hospital Boston. But I do understand the numbers, I just don’t like it or I guess the numbers don’t matter to me.

However, I can’t even begin to guess what explanation the media could possibly give for not even mentioning childhood cancer awareness month? Could it be they are thinking if they do it for one they have to do it for everyone? Maybe, but possibly they could do one less repeated weather report every month? And what color is your fall nail polish? Or should people wear sweat pants in public? I think there are more important issues to direct air time to. I feel I can safely say I speak for everyone on that issue. I recorded myself just “mentioning” that September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and it took 3-4 seconds. Really? Is that too much to ask? I don’t think so.

To be fair, not all media is alike..

Darcy was on “WNBZ – Talk of the Town” out of Saranac Lake this morning! If you look at the top of their page “TALK OF THE TOWN” it will be under Thursday’s show..her broadcast should air on the website probably after 8:30 am.

I spoke to Randy Jock-Reidy of Indian Time yesterday about putting something, anything, in their paper about Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and he agreed without question. Thank you Randy.

I also posted a video from Hyundai Hope on Wheels. Hyundai and their dealers support Childhood Cancer every day.

I also understand that Aflac has a commercial about Childhood Cancer Awareness but I haven’t seen it yet. Can’t wait!!

This month, be part of 30 Days, 1 Cause to help us raise awareness of childhood cancer.

I guess we should have been more prepared with our campaign and we will certainly will be next year. Maybe that will make a difference. We are only half way through the month and have much more work to do. We have definitely made some people aware. Just not enough for me. We want everyone to know. Yes, we have high expectations.

I don’t want to eat, sleep and breathe childhood cancer but it is our reality and I don’t want anyone else to either..

Please don’t stop supporting research to help find a cure. Children will still have cancer when September ends. Childhood cancer is not just for one day or one month. It’s everyday, every month, year after year.

Awareness = Funding = Research = Cure!

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