Childhood Cancer

Did you know childhood cancer is the number one killer in children, more then AIDs, diabetes and cystic fibrosis combined?

Did you know that cancer strikes without any warning?

Did you know 1 in 4 schools will have a child with cancer?

Did you know in the USA about 46 children and about 10 children in Canada will be diagnosed with cancer.

Did you know 2,300 children in the USA and 1,500 children in Canada will die of cancer each year?

Did you know there are mothers and fathers visiting their child’s grave instead of visiting their child’s room?

Did you know there is no cure for cancer?

Did you know that when a child with cancer relapses they have a poor prognosis?

Did you know a gold ribbon is for Childhood cancer?

Did you know that right now there are 7 children fighting for their lives that will not live through the rest of today.

One child lost from cancer is too many.