A Plan of Action

The medical team had decided to start chemo while Drake was in the medicated induced coma. Time was of the essence. Drake’s type of cancer was aggressive and not receptive to radiation or any chemo they had ever tried. They warned us that they were not very hopeful but they would try their best. It was better than “there’s nothing we can do.” We had hope anyway.

Christmas came and went, New Years came and went, Valentines day came and went..we were still in the hospital. Drake’s treatment was three weeks on, one week off. Three weeks on, one week off. Then they would do a scan to see how everything was going, if anything was happening. The monster had to shrink so they could do surgery.

The day finally came when the scan was scheduled. Everyone was there to offer support and prayers. We prayed and we prayed. We cried, we held our breath. We begged. I was hoping for a 10% reduction but I was willing to settle for no change. At least it wasn’t growing. We knew he could hold on with the size it was now.

It SHRUNK! It shrunk 30%..we couldn’t have been happier. We now had a plan. Two more rounds of chemo, another scan, then if all goes well, surgery. Yay! My baby is going to be okay..Still a long, ugly road ahead, but I had real hope.