Our fight against the monster

Yay! My baby is going to be okay..Still a long, ugly road ahead, but I had real hope.

So the plan of action was two more rounds of chemo and another scan. If all goes according to plan and the monster shrinks, surgery to remove what was left then two more rounds of chemo to get rid of anything else in there!

We were able to go home in between treatments and commute to Burlington Children’s Hospital for chemo. Children’s Hospital Boston mixed the poison and shipped it to Burlington. My poor baby was so sick every time, lost his hair, his skin peeled, lost his appetite. Chemo whooped his butt! He didn’t complain, didn’t whine, he tried to play in between. He was neutropenic every time. About a week later we were back to the hospital for fluids, blood transfusions and antibiotics. He couldn’t go anywhere. People couldn’t come and visit. We couldn’t chance the germs. That never worked anyway. We were in the hospital more than we were home but we had to do what we had to do..

After the next two rounds of chemo, we were off to Boston for another scan. More good news! It was still shrinking! Chemo was working. The boy was scheduled for surgery. Finally! I thought I would be looking forward to this part of the plan and of course part of me was, but most of me was terrified. So many what ifs..

We were stressed and strained to the limits, but we had to do what we had to do. We had the fight of our lives on our hands. It was the heart of the winter. Yay me. I don’t like to drive 2 miles in the winter and our vehicle was not happy about the travel either. We figured out what we were going to do day by day. The medical issues were enough to deal with, but we had to do what we had to do.

Our family and great friends rallied together and arranged for a fundraiser to help with the expenses. I don’t know what we would have done without them. Family and friends are the best medicine.