Our new life

The boy is now in a medicated induced sleep. He doesn’t know what’s happening. We sure do. And again, we are SO scared. Will he ever be able to come out of this? Now what? That stupid monster is still there, still growing, still threatening my baby’s life. He doesn’t deserve this. He is just a baby.

Poor Emily..we left in the middle of the night and she hasn’t seen us for weeks. She doesn’t deserve this either. She’s just a little girl. She can’t possibly understand. She’s with Poppa. Her life is totally turned upside down. Why are my mommy and daddy not here. What is happening to my baby brother? Are they coming home? Yes, she’s even wondering about Santa Claus. She’s just a little girl.

It was decided that Mommy should go home for a few days. Emily needed her too. Aunt Misty flew in from Florida to be with her brother. There is so much to do. So many things that need to be taken care of. We have to get prepared for a long, ugly journey.

It was nearing Christmas and we had settled into our second home at the Ronald McDonald House in Boston, Massachusetts. Well our first home now. We didn’t have a choice. Drake was still critical and sleeping in his medical induced coma. It would be safer that way.

Granny and Grandpa went back home. Yeah, darn jobs. There just aren’t a lot of choices. After a few days, Granny went back to Boston with Emily. She hadn’t seen her brother yet. She didn’t say a word. She just talked to Drake. She’s stronger and smarter than most little girls.

Granny brought a Christmas tree to the Ronald McDonald house and tried to make Christmas as normal as possible. She convinced Emily that Santa Claus knew where she was. Emily did her Christmas with Granny and Aunt Choner at the Ronald McDonald house a few days before Christmas. Granny videotaped the opening of the presents with Emily. She was so cute, eeewing and aaawing at each gift. The video camera wasn’t on. Granny started to cry and Emily came over and said, “don’t cry granny, we can tape it again.” Which of course isn’t the same. But we did, and Emily did all the same eeewing and aaawing as she did the first time. Poor little girl. Probably thought her granny was losing it. And she was..

Drake was still sleeping..Aunt Choner stayed with Drake Christmas Eve so Daddy and Mommy could wake up with Emily and Santa Claus. How sad was this Christmas! Fake smiles were put on and Christmas was as normal as possible. Who were we kidding? Not even Emily. Nothing was normal anymore.

The medical team decided to try and take Drake off the respirator Christmas Eve. Not Christmas Eve! But as we soon found out, all days are the same in the hospital. We try to make special days special but..

Granny called Christmas morning to talk to Emily. She was so excited. She got everything she wanted. Mommy and Daddy were heading to the hospital to see Drake. Granny got off the phone with Mommy and said “this is the worst Christmas EVER!” Then Granny got a phone call. Drake was on the other end “bla, bla, bla”. This was the best Christmas EVER!