The nightmare winds down (sorta)

We went back to Burlington for the fifth round of chemo. He have such a good little boy. Wally and I decided that when it’s all done and over with, we are going to have a NO MORE CANCER/Birthday party for the big man. Since he was robbed of his first birthday.

After the sixth and final round we were scheduled for scans every three months to make sure the monster stays away. Finally, back to our real life, back to enjoying our family. No more worries, no more cancer. Yeah right!

Well anyone who has been on this journey knows that there will always be worries. You are always worried about the cancer coming back and what damage and lasting affects the poison has had on your baby. You look them over carefully every time you look at them. You feel bumps every time you touch them. Every time they cry, you wonder and you worry.

We were determined to live as normal a life as possible. Spring and Summer were here. Drake was walking all over, getting into everything. What a joy. We had such happy hearts beyond words.

Family and Friends are the very best medicine and we couldn’t have made it this far without all of you. Extreme relief has no words. We love you all.