We are going to beat the monster

Family and friends are the best medicine!

Our family and friends put together a fundraiser in Drake’s honor. Drake couldn’t attend because he was neutropenic. We could now concentrate on our baby and put aside at least one of the many stresses that comes with childhood cancer. We were so relieved and so thankful beyond words. We could now focus on Drake.

Drake’s surgery was scheduled for March 3, 2008. They told us when we got here that they weren’t sure how long the surgery could take. It could take any where between 6 hours or into the night. The ct scan he got still didn’t show exactly what it was attached to. They also told us that if they had to remove anything that the tumor was attached to, then they’d be able to artificially reconstruct it. The surgery ended up being 6 hours. Everything went very well. They had to take a piece of his lung and a piece of his diaphragm, since the tumor was attached to both. But neither had to be artificially reconstructed. He did so well that he didn’t even need a blood transfusion and he was off the respirator before we even seen him in the ICU. I asked the doctor if I could see the tumor because I wanted to stab it in a million pieces.

He was doing so well the day after surgery that we went to a regular floor instead of staying in the ICU. Its so hard to believe that just 3 months prior they told us our son wasn’t going to make it, and now he’s recovering from his surgery that removed his tumor. He’ll continue to get more chemo after this. We’re still not sure how much, but it is given as a precaution after surgery just in case some tumor cells were spilled during surgery. It is my understanding that everyone that has tumors removed gets chemo afterwards. Daddy and Granny are leaving today to beat the storm tonight. Daddy had to return to work a week after the surgery. It was tough for a little while but we are blessed to have had so much time off in the first place. Aunt Misty and Aunt Choner stayed here with Mommy and Drake. Aunt Misty had to leave a few days later.

Drake once again amazed everyone. Two days after surgery he sitting right up talking and trying to escape his dungeon (crib) He was ready to get up and go. He’s one tough cookie that never ceases to amaze anyone! Every child is a miracle when they are conceived and born but he proved us all even more of a miracle child when beat that monster. With our continued brilliant medical team he will beat it for good and be a survivor for many, many, many years to come. I was so proud of him and one day he will be old enough and I’ll show him everything he went through and tell him how all of you continued to think about him and he’ll understand what an amazing group of friends and family that we have. He had surgery on Monday and we were on our way home of Friday. What a fighter!!

We went back to Burlington for the fifth round of chemo. He was such a good little boy. Wally and I have decided that when it’s all done and over with, we are going to have a NO MORE CANCER/Birthday party for the big man. Since he was robbed of his first birthday.

Here’s to less cancer and more birthdays!