Thank you to everyone who helped, attended our event and who participated in any way! we raised over $700.00! included in that fund is the purchase of 8 additional dolls.. prior to the event we raised $505 towards the purchase of the True Hope dolls…there are going to be a bunch of happy little warriors and you can thank did good :))  A special Thank You to Erin Shene Stone for initiating the campaign to bring awareness about the warriors of childhood cancer and for bringing smiles to the little faces of these warriors during their battles.. Thank you Bruce Lamitie and Judy Smith of Tony’s Bar and Restaurant for hosting Drake’s spaghetti dinner benefit…it was awesome and it turned out great…you did good :)) September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month!

Go to You Tube and watch the video of true Childhood Cancer Awareness.. Drake’s Aunt Darcy committed to shaving her head for Awareness of Childhood Cancer if we reached a goal of $500 towards the purchase of True Hope Dolls and iTunes music cards for warriors fighting the fight.. Bald is Beautiful!

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